READ 082 Syllabus

READ 082 Reading Fundamentals
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Jim Wilkins-Luton                            Office: JSH 211

Office Hours: Yet undecided, by appointment for now  Phone: 992-2225

Email:, email is not checked on the weekend

Text & Class Supplies (REQUIRED):  Ten Steps to Building College Reading; John Langan.  082 Course Pack
The Cay. A novel by Theodore Taylor  A pocket dictionary and a three-ring spiral notebook

Prerequisite: Recommending score on ASSET placement test or written consent of division.

Course Objective & Description:
The primary goal of this course is to develop in readers the ability to comprehend a wide variety of written materials with increased proficiency. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary development, reading fluency, text-structured awareness and strategic thinking.

Planned instructional strategies include instructor presentations, discussions, small-group learning activities, individualized computer activities and student-instructor conferences. Students will be introduced to a variety of reading strategies and study techniques including pre-reading, skimming, scanning, vocabulary development, as well as comprehension and rate improvement techniques.  
Reading skills will be developed through a variety of reading materials including a fictional novel, textbook readings, essays and short stories. The interdependence of reading and writing will be strengthened through summary writing and weekly journals.

Instructional Pattern of a Typical Week:
Monday –       Textbook and Reading Comprehension Practice

Tuesday –       Concept, Skill and Reading Rate Practice in the Computer Lab

Wednesday –       The Cay

Thursday –       Skills Development

College-Wide Abilities:
Clark College has identified six campus-wide abilities that form the foundation of our educational emphasis: communication, critical thinking, information/technology, lifelong learning, effective citizenship and global/multicultural awareness. READ 082 students will build a foundation for progress toward the Communication and Lifelong Learning abilities. Attention will also be given to the Information Literacy Ability and the Effective Citizenship Ability, particularly in group process skills, and the Global/Multicultural Awareness Ability, which relates to the content of class materials.

Support Services Available:
DVED Computer Lab has individualized software programs to help students improve reading comprehension, rate and vocabulary. A weekly lab hour is set aside for our 082 classes, during which time we will practice using the resources available. A schedule will be posted showing open hours for homework, extra skill practice, or individualized tutorials in math and English.
Tutoring Center: JSH room 208 provides free tutoring for a variety of subject areas. See open times posted on the schedule outside the room.
Student Services: Gaiser Hall, houses a Peer Mentor Program, Disability Support Services, as well as academic, career, and personal counseling.
ADA Accommodations: If you have emergency medical information that should be shared, or if you require assistance in case the building should be evacuated, please make an appointment to see me as soon as possible during the office hours indicated in this syllabus. Any student with a disability who may require some consideration or assistance in order to fully participate in this class should contact the Disability Support Services Office at 992-2580 or 992-2835 (TTY), or stop by Gaiser Hall 141.

Course Policies and Requirements:
Classroom Courtesy & Conduct: The word is “RESPECT.” Arrive on time. Come prepared to take notes and participate. Each student has the right to a classroom environment conducive to learning. All students are expected to follow the Clark College Code of Conduct and to follow basic rules of courtesy by treating others with courtesy and patience. I will accord every due respect to you, and I expect the same consideration in return. Students disrupting the educational process will be asked to leave. Please make an appointment to speak with me before returning to class. If you know that you must leave class early, inform the instructor prior to the beginning of class. No visitors or children of students are allowed in classes.

Attendance: Regular attendance is mandatory and is recorded. I expect you to attend class regularly and participate. Daily participation in class is considered essential to the mastery of course content. Absenteeism is often the cause of slow progress and poor performance. Your class participation, or lack of, will have an affect on your grade. Students with more than five absences will receive an ‘F’ unless they have made alternative arrangements with the instructor due to a legitimate crisis. If you must miss class, talk with a classmate, so you will be prepared for the next class period. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING DROPPING THE CLASS, PLEASE SEE ME BEFORE YOU ACT. We may be able to find a solution to your problem or find out how to help others with a similar problem in the future.

Assignments: All assignments will be due at the beginning of class on the due date. Late assignments will get half credit if they are turned in by the end of the day, on the due date; also, half credit will be given only if the reason for being late is valid. Do your own work and do not represent the work of others as your own. Cheating on assignments or exams, or turning in plagiarized work will result in your earning an ‘F’ for the class. Your skills and knowledge will improve only if you take an honest approach to the learning and assessment activities in this class.  Homework will be returned to the student in a timely manner. At the college level, this typically means a one-week turn around cycle for most work. It is my goal to return work to you as quickly as possible. However, good evaluation takes time. The turn around cycle may be extended if the instructor is “swamped.”
Homework: Homework from the text will be assigned with each class period. You are required to prepare for the next lecture topic by previewing one section ahead. You are expected to do your homework, and it must be complete and turned in on time. You will not receive full credit for any homework assignments which; 1) is not neat, in order, and legible, 2) is late, 3) is not written in ink, 4) has the incorrect format (see below), and 5) is not stapled.  Homework Format: Place all pages in consecutive order; write your name, class, due date, page numbers and section numbers for each assignment. All assignments will be due at the beginning of class on the due date.

Exercise Number / Page Number

Exercise Number / Page Number

Allowable Make-up Testing: None--except with prior notice from the student to the instructor and with instructor consent. The test or quiz must be made up within one week of its original date and must be made-up outside of class and not during class time.

Incomplete, Audit, or P/NP Grade: To receive an incomplete grade for the term you must request the grade and have successfully completed 75% of the course work. In order to qualify for an audit or a Pass/No Pass you will need to consult the Clark College Schedule of Classes or talk to a counselor to determine the deadlines and procedures.
Grades and Assessments:
READ 082 assessment is based on performance in four areas:

1. The Cay: 30%
a. Quizzes (x2, 10 points each): 20%
b.      Group panel presentation: 10%  

2. Journals: 30%
   a. 7 journals: 30%
    3. Test and Quizzes: 30%
a.      Midterm: 10%
b.      Final: 10%
c.      Reading quizzes: 10%

4. Computer Lab: 10%
a. Guided reading program: 10%

Grading Scale:
Percentage requirements for final grades:
93 – 100      A      
90 -       92      A-
87 -       89      B+
83 -       86      B
80 -       82      B-
77 -       79      C+  73 -      76      C
70 –      72      C-  67 –      69      D+
63 –      66      D
60 –      62      D-
Below 60      F

You must earn a “C” average to pass this course.

Final Thoughts:
If you need to discuss ANYTHING regarding this class please talk to me. There are no grading or progress mysteries allowed in this course. Let’s communicate! I want you to succeed!

I reserve the right to make adjustments to any aspect of this course provided that the adjustments work to benefit the student.