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Carole Mackewich's Home Page

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Welcome to my website! This page is designed to introduce myself and the courses that I teach. If you have any questions related to the information provided on these pages, there are several ways you can reach me:

Visit my Office in Gaiser Hall, Room 113 (Behind the Career Center)
Telephone: 922-2446
Email: cmackewich@clark.edu.

I am a counselor and instructor in the Department of Human Development. Currently I teach:

Career Exploration (HDEV 100 and 101):  I offer this course in both a traditional face-to-face format (HDEV 100 and HDEV 101)and as an online class (HDEV 100).

This class is an excellent starting point for students interested in learning about their values, interests, skills and personality style, and how to use this information to discover compatible college majors and work environments.

College Success (HDEV 117):
I offer this class in two different formats; as a traditional face-to-face class, and as a teleweb.

College Success is a course designed to help you become the most effective and efficient student you can be. Content includes hundreds of tips and techniques for reading, note taking and test taking for college success, along with instruction in identifying your learning style, time management strategies, and other topics related to becoming a successful student and person.

Self Esteem (HDEV 105)
This class is offered in a traditional, face-to-face format.

How is your reputation with yourself? Students who don't feel good about themselves often limit their potential success in social, academic and career endeavors. In this 2 credit class we'll work on building a healthy self-concept by developing an accurate self-assessment, and combating the irrational beliefs and distortions in our thinking that keep us from getting what we want in our lives.

Stress Management (HDEV 186)
This class if offered in a traditional, face-to-face format.

Are you juggling the roles of student, worker, parent, partner and/or friend? Do you want to be the best you can be in each one of these roles, but feel like you don't have the time or energy to do any of them well? If so, a course in stress management may be a good choice for you. In this 1 credit class you will learn about the physiological and psychological components of stress, and then practice techniques to lower your stress level to live life more fully and with more joy.

Practical Reasoning and Decision Making (HDEV 120)
This class is offered entirely online.  

The ability to think well is necessary to achieve success in all academic, career and personal pursuits. Thorough (critical) thinkers are able to solve problems, make informed choices, and enhance and deepen their learning of course content across the curriculum. In addition, strong thinkers develop an ethical foundation from which their decisions are anchored. This course will enable students to develop, analyze, evaluate and apply critical thinking to all aspects of their lives.
This is a rigorous, academic courese and college level reading and readiness for English 101 is strongly recommended.

Please click on the links provided at the top of this page to see samples of course syllabi and outlines. Please note that the requirements and course content may vary from quarter to quarter.